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Using the Session List to View Sessions

This article gives guidance to Rescue technicians.

The Session List (also sometimes referred to simply as the "queue") displays all sessions for the selected queue.

Session List
  • To take action on a listed session, select the session and click the appropriate Session Control
  • To copy various session details for use in other programs, right click on a session and select Copy to Clipboard
  • You can customize Session List columns by right-clicking any column and selecting columns from the resulting menu
  • You can edit any Custom Field (as defined in the Administration Center) directly from the Session List for any Active session.

Colors, sounds and visual effects

Various colors, sounds and visual effects are used to highlight sessions at different times.
  • A session being established is shown in gray
  • A newly added session flashes blue for a few seconds
  • A waiting session or an active session is shown in black
  • An urgent session flashes orange

If the Technician Console is minimized when a session is added to a queue, the minimized window in the task bar will flash.

Tip: The exact timing of the various warnings is set in the Administration Center.
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022