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Using LogMeIn Rescue with Zendesk

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Launching the Technician Console

The LogMeIn Rescue Technician Console is the interface used by support technicians to provide remote support to customers.

Before you begin:

You must log into LogMeIn Rescue from a Zendesk ticket.

  1. On a ticket page, enter your LogMeIn Rescue credentials into the app.

    Result: The app saves your credentials for the current session.

  2. To open the Technician Console from a Zendesk ticket, select Open the Technician Console in the app.

Starting a Remote Session from a Ticket

When corresponding with a customer about an issue through a ticket or over the phone, you may want to start a remote session to troubleshoot the problem. The remote session must be started by the customer using a link and a PIN code.

  1. Click Get a PIN code in the LogMeIn Rescue app on the Zendesk ticket.
    Note: To receive GoTo session data back on a Zendesk ticket, the PIN code must be created using the LogMeIn Rescue app in Zendesk.
  2. Click the generated PIN code to create a ticket comment that contains both the PIN code and a link for the customer to launch the remote session.
  3. Submit the ticket to email the information to the customer.

Viewing Ticket Information During the Remote Session

During a remote session started from a Zendesk ticket, the technician can see in the Technicial Console the name of the person, who requested the session.

Ending a Remote Session

When you end a remote session initiated from a Zendesk ticket, LogMeIn Rescue posts data about the session to the ticket. You can confirm that the information was posted by reviewing the event log in the Technician Console.

Reviewing Information About a Remote Session in a Ticket

You can review details about a remote session in the ticket that initiated the session. Comments from LogMeIn Rescue are displayed as speech bubbles with the LogMeIn Rescue icon. Available details include:

  • Session and technician details such as session ID, technician name, and technician e-mail address
  • Session timestamps such as wait time, work time, and last action time
  • Chat transcript
  • Technician survey answers
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022