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Back up your data and uninstall the older version of the package

If you had an older version of the package, you will need to back up your data and uninstall it before installing a new one.

Important: This is only needed if you installed the application before October 2022.
  1. In Salesforce, click your account name and then Setup at the top of the page.
  2. In the QuickFind box go to Data > Data Export.
  3. Click Export now.
  4. Leave all values default.
  5. On the Exported Data tab select:
  6. Click Start Export. You will receive an email notification when the export is complete.
  7. Once the export process has finished, you have the option to download a .zip file that contains two .csv files. One with the Rescue Sessions and another with the Rescue Logs records. Store them in your computer until you have finished the configuration process.

  8. Go to Setup > Object Manager > Case > Lightning Record Pages.
  9. Click the applicable Record page label to edit it.
  10. Delete the Rescue PIN Custom Component in the Lightning App Builder.
  11. Save your changes and navigate to Setup.
  12. In the QuickFind box go to Users > Permission Sets.
  13. Click Rescue Integration Permissions.
  14. Click Manage Assignments.
  15. Select the checkbox to select all assigned users.
  16. Click Remove Assignments.
  17. Navigate back to Users > Permission Sets and click Rescue Admin Permission Set.
  18. Click Manage Assignments.
  19. Remove assignments as in Step 16.
  20. Navigate to Setup and in the QuickFind box go to Apps > Packaging > Installed Packages.
  21. Click Uninstall next to the Rescue package.
  22. At the end of the page select the following options and click Uninstall.
If you see the following error:
  1. Click Setup > Developer Console on the top of the page.
  2. At the bottom of the Developer Console click Query Editor.
  3. Enter the following query:
    SELECT Id,AssigneeId,PermissionSetId FROM PermissionSetAssignment
    WHERE PermissionSet.Name = 'Rescue_Integration_Permissions' OR
    PermissionSet.Name = 'Rescue_Admin_Permission_Set'

  4. Click Execute.
  5. Select all the results and click Delete Row.
  6. Continue with Step 20.
Article last updated: 10 January, 2023