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The Customer Experience: Rescue Applet

    This article gives guidance to Rescue technicians.

    It's helpful to understand the customer's experience during a Rescue session. The customer is asked to install this small executable file to his computer when a technician initiates a normal session.

    Rescue Customer Applet
    Figure 1. Standard Rescue Applet interface Rescue Customer Applet
    Customer capabilities using the Applet:
    • Chat with the technician(s)
    • View a detailed session log
    • Allow or deny the technician the right to perform certain actions
    • Send individual files to a technician
    • Change the display font size
    • Revoke permissions, such as remote control or file management, from the technician by clicking the large X in the upper-left corner
    • End a session by clicking the small X in the upper-right corner
    Note: The Applet automatically removes itself at session conclusion.
    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022