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The Customer Experience: Calling Card

This article gives guidance to Rescue technicians.

It's helpful to understand the customer's experience during a Calling Card session.

Before the session begins, the customer can choose a connection method using the Connect menu (PIN code or a Channel). The customer can also change Proxy Settings by clicking Settings menu.

Standard Rescue Calling Card interface
Figure 1. Standard Rescue Calling Card interface, before connection Standard Rescue Calling Card interface
The customer has the following capabilities during a Calling Card session:
  • Chat with the technician(s)
  • View a detailed session log
  • Allow or deny the technician the right to perform certain actions
  • Send individual files to a technician (or to the Lead Technician during a Collaboration Session)
  • Change the display font size
  • End Remote Control by clicking the large X at upper left
  • End a session by clicking the small X at upper right
  • View a brief Help file

Calling Card, in session
Figure 2. Standard Rescue Calling Card interface, in session Calling Card, in session
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022