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Sharing your Screen with Customers

This article gives guidance to Rescue technicians.

How to Share your Screen with a Customer

Give a customer view-only access to your desktop with a single click.

Before you begin: Requirements:
  • The customer must be running the LogMeIn Rescue Applet or Calling Card
  • Technician Screen Sharing will not function during Instant Chat until the customer has downloaded the LogMeIn Rescue Applet
  • Technician Screen Sharing will not function when the technician is using the Technician Console for Mac.
  • The customer must be running a supported Windows operating system (Screen Sharing is currently not compatible with Mac)
  • Allow screen sharing with customers must be enabled at the Technician Group level in the Administration Center
  1. During an active session, click the Screen Sharing button on the Chat panel or on the Session toolbar.
    Screen Sharing button Session toolbar, Screen Sharing button


    The customer will see your desktop in a new window.

    Important: If the customer's desktop is being displayed on your screen, the customer will see a confusing "mirror effect" during Technician Screen Sharing. To prevent confusion, do not share your desktop during remote control.

  2. To end Technician Screen Sharing and continue the support session, click the Screen Sharing button again.
    End Customer Screen Sharing button End Customer Screen Sharing button, Session toolbar


    The customer can end Technician Screen Sharing by closing the screen sharing window. The session will remain active.

What to do next:
Tip: You can also share your screen with a customer when you are participating in a Collaboration session as a Collaborating Technician.

About Customer Controls During Technician Screen Sharing

Technicians should be aware of the following controls available to customers during a Technician Screen Sharing session.

Full Screen
The customer clicks Full Screen to open the technician desktop to cover the entire customer desktop area.
The customer clicks Options to change color settings and viewing options.
Multiple Monitors
When the technician is using more than one monitor, the customer clicks the Monitors button to switch between available monitors.
The customer clicks the zoom option to get a more or less detailed view of the technician desktop.
Magnifying Glass
The customer clicks the Magnifying Glass to activate a box that he can drag around the technician’s desktop to show a small area of the screen in high resolution.
End Screen Sharing
The customer clicks End to stop screen sharing. The End button is only available for the customer in Full Screen mode.
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022