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Screen Recording and Screen Capture with Rescue Lens

    Rescue Lens allows you to record sessions and take screen captures during your Rescue Lens sessions.

    Availability Technician Console
    Default storage location C:\Users\[username]\Documents where [username] is the username of the user logged in. You can set the Screen Recording location to a different folder by going to Options > Screen Recording folder....
    Tip: We recommend setting a default location on your local drive For example: C:\Screen_Recordings.
    File format Session recordings are always saved as .mkv files. To view this file type use VLC player or download the mkv codec for windows.

    Screen Capture

    Availability Technician Console
    Tip: We recommend using the Freeze camera stream option before taking a Screen Capture for optimal results:
    Default storage location Default storage Location: In the Rescue Technician Console, you are prompted for a location to save the capture, whenever you take a Screen Capture.
    Tip: We recommend setting a default location on your local drive, for example: C:\Screen_Captures.
    File format The default file type is .jpg.
    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022