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Rescue News

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Embark Admin Training Portal and Embark Technician Training Portal

Geared towards both Admins and Technicians, this is your primary training resource. Embark is free, convenient, and easy to use.

Top Ten Things to Try in Rescue

A handy guide that has some great tips for getting started with the Technician Console.

Rescue Enterprise Security Features
LogMeIn Rescue is architected with security being the most important design objective. Explore the security features offered.
Rescue Reports Reference Guide

Take a deep dive into the reporting capabilities of Rescue and how you can use it to drive the metrics of your technician team.

Rescue Support Site

Tons of articles and resources to answer any question you might have, as well as a direct link to our support team.

Technician Console User Guide

An in-depth resource that goes over every detail of using the Technician Console.

Rescue Community Board

Join other admins and technicians in sharing hints, tricks, and best practices in this interactive community.

Service Status

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