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Rebooting a Customer's Device

Click the Reboot tab to access options for restarting a customer's device during a remote session.

Note: Only available if this feature is enabled at the Technician Group level in the Administration Center.
Reboot Option Description
Normal reboot and reconnect All applications on the customer’s device undergo a systematic shutdown before the device initiates a reboot. Post-reboot, the client is required to input any hardware or additional passwords to resume the support session. Throughout this process, the session status is displayed as ‘Rebooting’.
Safe reboot and reconnect Use this option to reboot the customer’s computer in safe mode with networking capabilities enabled. Safe mode is a specialized Windows boot option, activated when a critical issue disrupts the standard operation of the Windows system.
Emergency reboot and reconnect This option does not permit applications and other processes to terminate in an orderly fashion, potentially leading to loss of unsaved data. However, Windows will execute a proper shutdown and commit all pending file operations to disk.
CAUTION: Exercise caution while using this option. Post-shutdown, the customer will be required to input any hardware or additional passwords to resume the support session.
Request Windows credentials To facilitate a device reboot when the customer is not physically present, they may be prompted to input their login credentials. This information, securely encrypted, remains solely on the customer's device and is inaccessible.
Restriction: However, if the customer’s device is configured with a BIOS password or any other hardware-related security mechanism, the Unattended Boot Mode cannot function.
Article last updated: 16 October, 2023