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Pushing Settings to a Mobile Device from Device Configuration

This article gives guidance to Rescue technicians.

Use the Device Configuration tab to change settings on the customer's mobile device.

Before you begin:

The agent must have an active Rescue+Mobile add-on license.

The agent's Technician Group must have permission to configure mobile device settings.

For Android and iOS, additional permissions are required on the Administration Center Settings tab under Mobile Device Configuration.

The session must be Active.

  1. On the Technician Console, select the Device Configuration tab.

    Result: The available settings are displayed.

  2. Choose from the available settings.
    Platform Available Tabs
    • Wi-Fi settings
    • APN settings
    Note: This feature is only available on iOS when using the Chat session type. For information, see Supporting iOS Devices.
    • Email settings
    • Exchange ActiveSync settings
    • Access Point settings
    • Passcode settings
    • Restrictions settings
    • Web Clips settings
    • Wi-Fi settings
  3. Click Request Settings to view the settings available on the customer's device.
    Important: Wi-Fi must be enabled.

    Result: The settings are displayed.

  4. Click Push Settings.
    Remember: Wi-Fi must be enabled.

    Result: For most operating systems, the settings are applied on the customer's device immediately after being pushed.

    Important: Customer's on iOS may be prompted to install a Profile.

What to do next:
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Article last updated: 27 September, 2022