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Managing Lens Video Quality

During a Lens session started from the LogMeIn Rescue Technician Console, LogMeIn Rescue Lens automatically adjusts the quality of the video stream to suit the quality of service provided by the carrier network. The support technician can, however, also change the video quality manually at any point during the session.

LogMeIn Rescue Lens uses three video stream quality presets.

Preset Value Resolution for Android Resolution for iOS Frame Rate Activating Chat Command
High Actual screen size 640*480 18 FPS _!videoquality high
Medium 352*288 320*244 (Nexus 4) 480*360 15 FPS _!videoquality medium
Low 352*288 320*244 (Nexus 4) 480*360 5 FPS _!videoquality low

The default setting for each session is the High preset value. When the network cannot transfer the necessary volume of traffic, Lens temporarily decreases the video quality to a lower preset value. The technician can also change the video quality manually at any point during the session by typing the corresponding command in the Chat field.

Tip: Examples for the need to decrease video quality:
  • To limit the bandwidth consumed by the video stream
  • To support video streaming on networks having a bandwidth lower than 400 kbps
  • In case of slow cellular networks, the automatic network adaptation may produce slow adaptation, or may stop streaming. To ensure quicker adaptation, use the medium or low preset values
Article last updated: 11 July, 2023