MAC calling card JAMF deployment

    You can learn more about setting up a Mac Calling Card through JAMF deployment.

    • Open Jamf pro with appropriate permissions
    • Configure the appropriate Rescue Calling Card PKG
    • Create policy with the Rescue Calling Card PKG to deploy it

    1. Sign in to Jamf Pro with appropriate permissions
    2. Navigate to Settings using the gear icon in the top right of the main page.

    3. Click Computer Management, then Packages

    4. Select + New to create a new package.
    5. Add a new package by clicking Choose file under Filename.
    6. Upload the Rescue Calling Card package you generated.

      Important: Do not modify the name of the package!

    7. Once the file uploads, click Save.
    8. On the JamfPro dashboard, navigate to Policies under Content Management in the computers tab and click New to start creating a new policy.

    9. Set the Display name of the policy to meet your corporate nomenclature.
    10. Have the Policy Enabled and choose the frequency that meets your deployment requirements.

    11. Add the Rescue Calling Card package to the policy from the Package tab.
    12. Select the appropriate settings for distribution and choose your type of action installation.

      Note: The default recommended option is Install.

    13. Set the scoping to users or groups you wish to enable to install or receive the package.

    14. Go to the Self Service tab on the top of the navigation bar and enable Make the policy available in Self Service. (optional)

      You may configure any settings here to fit your current self-service structure such as changing the display name, adding an icon, choosing categories, etc.

    15. Click Save on the policy.

      Result: You should be now able to install Rescue from the Self Service application on the allowed Apple Mac computer(s) set in the scope.