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GoTo123 (Calling Card for Windows 10S)

The Rescue Calling Card for Windows 10S is offered through the Microsoft Windows Store.


Important: Due to a limited set of functionalities, we do not recommend running GoTo123 on any OS other than Windows 10S.

This version of the Rescue Calling Card has the following restrictions and limitations as a result of running on the customer’s machine as a Universal Windows Platform app, which cannot access Windows processes that require full administrator rights:

  • Channel sessions cannot be initiated. (Only private sessions are available.)
  • During Remote Control, the technician cannot access elevated processes that require full administrator rights on the customer's computer.
  • The File Manager (FM) feature requires customer permission. The technician can only perform FM actions for which the customer has user rights.
  • Rebooting is not available.
  • This version of the Calling Card cannot run as a Windows System Service.
  • Technicians cannot request a customer's Windows credentials during a session.
  • Technicians cannot deploy the standard Rescue Calling Card during a session initiated through this version of the Calling Card.
  • Technicians cannot share their screens with customers.
  • Technicians cannot deploy scripts to the customer's computer.
  • Technicians cannot run embedded scripts on the customer's computer.
  • Unattended Access is not available.
  • This version of the Calling Card does not provide UI customization options.
Article last updated: 21 November, 2022