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Integrating LogMeIn Rescue with Other (CRM) Systems

Articles related to customization are written for a technical audience who have experience in web development. Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are required.

LogMeIn Rescue Integration Services offer you the ability to access your remote support session data through a set of standard web services.

Service options can be called via SOAP and also both HTTP GET and POST methods, making it easy to integrate with your external applications and systems. Login authentication, remote session creation, and session data retrieval are just a few of the available API calls.

Example: Support Statement

Integration with any platform via an API requires development. It is each customer’s responsibility to plan, resource, and develop its own integration effort.

The LogMeIn support team will help you with the following:

  • Support can provide general assistance, overview, and documentation
  • Support can provide best-effort troubleshooting upon implementation of an integration solution
The LogMeIn support team will not be able to provide detailed assistance, as follows:
  • Support cannot provide detailed development support
  • Support cannot write code for customers
  • Support cannot debug customer code

Each customer remains responsible for building, verifying, and debugging its own custom code.

Article last updated: 27 September, 2022