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I'm using OpenDNS, why am I having trouble connecting with GoTo products?

You may encounter connectivity issues when using GoTo products with OpenDNS. This is due to OpenDNS categorizing GoTo domains as a proxy/anonymizer.

As a courtesy, we have provided workaround instructions below.

You have two options to resolve the issue.

Option 1.

From the OpenDNS dashboard, go to Settings > Select a Network > Web Content Filtering. Uncheck the web filtering for the Proxy/Anonymizer category.

Option 2.

From the OpenDNS dashboard, manually allowlist our domains. This is done by going to Stats > Choose a network > Blocked Domains, finding LogMeIn/Hamachi related domains, and allowlisting each one of them. We do not recommend this option as you cannot wildcard allowlist entries (* will not work).

Note: GoTo support is unable to provide further assistance with this issue. Please visit for more information configuring OpenDNS.
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022