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I cannot play my Rescue screen recording on a Mac. What can I do?


    You try to play a screen recording on a Mac computer, but it cannot be played in any media playback software.


    The following formats are not compatible with Mac media playback software:

    • AVI
    • RCREC


    Save screen recordings as MRLE or MSVC files.

    In the Rescue Administrator Center under Technician Group > Settings > Screen Recordings, Administrators can set the Recording file format to either Microsoft RLE (MRLE) or Microsoft Video 1 (MSVC) (32-bit only). Both can be played using media playback software compatible with Mac.


    Convert your screen recordings to MRLE format using a Windows PC.

    Download an MRLE converter, and change the file format of your recordings. GoTo does not endorse or recommend any particular converter software.

    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022