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How to update expired GlobalSign certificates

You can learn from this article how to update expired GlobalSign certificates.


  • You may see a certificate error saying a certificate is expired
  • You may also see a generic certificate error stating that the certificate chain is not trusted
  • Your host computer may also appear offline since January 28th, 2020


As part of GoTo's continued efforts towards security and secure connections, we use digitally issued security root certificates issued by GlobalSign. Such root certificates are part of the operating system, therefore, on older or not updated systems the bundled certificate may have expired as of January 28th, 2020.


Windows XP and 2000

To update your system, download the following certificates from GlobalSign:
  • GlobalSign Root R1
  • GlobalSign Organization Validation CA - G2

Once downloaded, import them according to these instructions published by GlobalSign:

Update GlobalSign Certificates - Windows XP & Windows 2000.

These certificates are valid until 2028 and should allow you to connect again.

Note that GoTo is not responsible for the issuance of root certificates and cannot provide further assistance should the problem persist.

Article last updated: 11 July, 2023