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How to Start a PC/Mac Session via PIN Code

This article gives guidance to Rescue technicians.

Follow this procedure to connect to a customer using a PIN code.

Before you begin:

The agent's Technician Group must have permission to start Private Sessions.

The agent's Technician Group must have permission to use the PIN Code connection method.

  1. On the Session toolbar, click New Session.

    Result: The Create New Session window is displayed.

  2. Type the customer's name or other identifier in the Name field.

    Result: You will use this name to identify the session on the Active Session tab and in the Session List.

  3. Select the PIN Code tab.
  4. Click Create PIN Code.

    Result: Rescue generates a 6-digit PIN code and displays it in the Generate New Session window and in the Session Log.

  5. Ask the customer to go to the PIN code entry site.
    Desktops and notebooks connect at
    Tip: Cannot access Try
  6. The customer enters the PIN and clicks Connect to technician.

    Result: The customer will see a dialog box asking him to download the Rescue Applet.

  7. Tell the customer to download the Applet.

    Result: The download should take about 15 to 30 seconds.

    Note: The download procedure may vary depending on the customer's operating system and browser.

  8. Once the download is complete, ask the customer to click Run to execute the Applet.

    Result: Once the Applet is installed, the customer status will change from Connecting to Waiting.

  9. Pick up the session by selecting it in the Session list and clicking Start.

    Result: Customer Status will change to Active.

Results: You can now use the Technician Console to deliver remote support.
Article last updated: 5 January, 2023