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How to Set Global Password Policies

    This article gives guidance to Rescue Administrators.

    Master Administrators can set password policies that apply to all users in the Rescue organization.

    1. Select the Global Settings tab.
    2. Under Password Policies, select from the following options:
      Option Description
      Minimum password strength Specify the minimum password strength that must be met by all members of the organization.

      No password may be less than 8 characters in length. Passwords comprise four character types: lowercase ("abc"); uppercase ("ABC"); numeric ("123"); and special ("%#&").

      Three password strengths can be assigned:
      • Good: 3 character types, but some repeat characters, i.e. "Sampla12"
      • Strong: 3 character types, no repeat characters, i.e. "Sample12"; or 4 character types, but some repeat characters, i.e. "Sampla1%
      • Excellent: 4 character types, no repeat characters, i.e. "Sample1%"
      Maximum password age Specify the maximum number of days that a password remains valid (0 = no limit).
      Notification before password expires Notify users that their password is due to expire in this many days (0 = no notification).
      Admin password changes force user to change password at next logon Force a user to change his password when next logging in to his account if his Rescue password has been changed. After logging in with the new password created by the administrator, the user will be prompted to create his own new password.
    3. Click Save Changes.

      Result: The settings are applied to all users in your Rescue organization.

    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022