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How to Request Unattended Access to a Customer's Computer

This article gives guidance to Rescue technicians.

Unattended access allows a technician to connect to a remote computer when no user is present.

Before you begin:
  • The agent's Technician Group must have permission to use unattended access
  • Unattended access requests cannot be sent during the following session types: Instant Chat in Chat-only mode, Mobile Applet
  1. During an Active session, click the Unattended Access tab.
  2. Under Credentials required, you may be given the choice between the following options (depending on the authentication settings made in the Administration Center):
    Option Description
    At connection Require valid administrator credentials at the start of every unattended session
    At setup Use credentials entered by the customer during unattended setup
  3. Set the duration of unattended access in terms of days, a specific date range, indefinitely, and for a specific daily time range.
    Note: When the customer's computer is in a different time zone, you can choose to set unattended access according to either local (technician) or customer time.
    Important: The duration of unattended access is limited to two weeks when you authenticate using customer credentials.
  4. Click Request Unattended Access to submit the request to the customer.
What to do next:

The customer must approve the request.

  • When the technician is required to enter valid Administrator credentials at the start of every unattended session, the customer simply clicks OK to approve the request
  • When the technician is allowed to use customer credentials, the customer is prompted to enter his Windows user name and password

Once unattended access is active, the session can be ended.

Article last updated: 27 September, 2022