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How to Put a Session on Hold

This article gives guidance to Rescue technicians.

You can learn from your article how to put a session on hold.

Before you begin:

The agent's Technician Group must have permission to hold sessions.

A session can remain On Hold for 14 days.

  1. On the Session List, select the session you want to place on hold.
  2. Click the Hold button.

    Result: The session remains in your Session List with the status On Hold.

    Tip: The session timer will show the Time On Hold, as well as the cumulative Total Time of the session.

Results: Any active remote control sessions will close when you place a customer On Hold. To restore the session, select it and click Start.
What to do next:
Note: You can maintain ten active sessions at any time. Since On Hold sessions do not count as Active, the hold feature gives you flexibility when managing multiple sessions.
Article last updated: 10 July, 2023