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How to Manage Files on a Customer's Device

    This article gives guidance to Rescue technicians.

    Use the File Manager to easily and securely transfer files between your computer and the customer's device.

    Before you begin: Requirements:
    • The agent's Technician Group must have permission to launch File Manager
    • During Instant Chat, File Manager can only be started once the customer has downloaded the Rescue Applet
    • The session must be Active
    1. On the Technician Console File Manager tab, click Launch File Manager Session.

      Result: The customer is prompted to accept or decline your request to control his computer.

    2. Ask the customer to accept the request.

      Result: The File Manager session begins.

    3. Use the File Manager toolbar to work with the customer's files and folders.

      Result: All other Workspace tabs remain available.

    4. To end the File Manager session, click the red X on the File Manager toolbar.

      Result: The File Manager session closes, but the session remains active.

    CAUTION: Transferring the session or placing it on Hold will end the File Manager session.
    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022