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How to Launch the Rescue Applet during Instant Chat

    This article gives guidance to Rescue technicians.

    During an Instant Chat session, the Chat-Only Mode dialog box informs the technician that advanced Rescue tools can only be activated if the customer is running the Rescue Applet.

    1. In the Chat-Only Mode dialog box, click Prompt for Download.

      Result: The customer receives a message asking him to download the Rescue Applet by clicking a link in the chat box.

    2. The customer clicks the link and installs the Applet.

      Result: The Instant Chat interface now acts as the full Rescue Applet.

    Results: Once the Applet is running, the technician can start remote control and perform all activities he is normally able to perform using the Rescue Applet.
    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022