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How to Invite an External Technician to Collaborate

This article gives guidance to Rescue technicians.

With Technician Collaboration, multiple technicians can simultaneously support a single customer. Technicians can improve problem resolution by inviting online and available technicians from outside their LogMeIn Rescue organization to an Active session.

Before you begin: Requirements:
  • The customer must be running the LogMeIn Rescue Applet, Calling Card
  • The session must be Active
  • Invite external technicians must be enabled at the Technician Group level in the Administration Center
  • The external technician must be running a supported Windows operating system: Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Vista (all including 64-bit)
  1. On the Session List, select the Active session to which you want to invite another technician.


  2. On the Session toolbar, click the Invite Technician button.
    Invite Technician button

    Result: The Invite Technician dialog box is displayed.

  3. In the Invite Technician dialog box, select the External tab.
  4. Choose from the available invitation options, as determined by settings made in the Administration Center.
    • Invite unlisted technician
    • Invite approved technician
    Remember: Technician Collaboration is not designed to be used as a meeting tool. To achieve optimal performance, limit participation to four or five technicians. Performance will be impacted by the speed and power of the customer's device.
  5. In the Set Permissions section, select the permissions you want to grant to the Collaborating Technician.
  6. In the Comment box, type a message to the Collaborating Technician.
  7. Click OK.

    Result: The Invitation to External Technician is displayed.

  8. Choose from the available connection methods, as determined by settings made in the Administration Center.
    • PIN Code
    • Email
    • Link
  9. The procedure for sending the invitation to an external technician is similar to the procedure for starting a new session. You must send the PIN Code, email, or link to the external technicians.
What to do next:

To join, the external technician accepts the invitation and downloads the Technician Console – Collaboration version. The session's status changes to Collaborating once the external technician joins.

Can sessions be transferred to an external technician? Technicians cannot transfer sessions to an external technician. To receive a transferred session, a technician must be part of your LogMeIn Rescue organization and logged in with a valid LogMeIn Rescue subscription.

Article last updated: 27 September, 2022