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How to establish a Rescue Remote Control session for Linux?

This article gives guidance to Rescue technicians.

Use Remote Control to operate the customer's Linux device

  1. On the Technician Console Customer Desktop tab, click Launch Remote Control Session.

    Result: On the remote Linux computer, a dialog box opens in the GoToRescue Linux Applet window, asking the customer to allow the Remote Control session, indicating which activities will be allowed for the Technician:

  2. Ask the customer to grant the necessary permissions.

    Result: The remote control session begins.

  3. Use the Remote Control toolbar to manage the remote session:
    • By moving thier mouse in the remote control window, the Technician controls the mouse of the remote Linux machine, including dragging and dropping windows or other objects. Right click, vertical and horizontal scrolling are also supported.
    • In order to take over the control of the keyboard, the Technician should select Remote keyboard from the menu.
    • When the Technician double clicks in any text field in the remote Linux machine, and starts typing using their keyboard, the keys typed are displayed in that text field. With that, the Technician can type and execute Linux commands on the Terminal in the remote machine, navigate to web pages using the remote browser, create documents and scripts on the remote machine, type in there and execute scripts. If the remote user starts moving their mouse, they can take back control over the mouse. If they start typing in a text field, they can take back control over the keyboard.

    Result: All other Workspace tabs remain available.

  4. To end remote control, click the red X on the Remote Control toolbar.
    Note: Unicode characters are only supported in X11 display server configurations.

    Result: Remote control ends, but the session remains active.

Article last updated: 18 July, 2023