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How to establish a Rescue Desktop View session for Linux?

This article gives guidance to Rescue technicians.

Use Desktop Viewing to view a Linux customer's desktop without taking control of their device.

  1. On the Technician Console Customer Desktop tab, click Launch Desktop Viewing Session.

    Result: On the remote Linux computer, a dialog box opens in the GoToRescue Linux Applet window, asking the customer to allow the Desktop Viewing session, indicating which activities will be allowed for the Technician:

  2. If the Linux machine has Wayland display server selected, there will be an additional system dialog box:
  3. Use the Remote Control toolbar to manage the session.

    Result: During desktop viewing, some toolbar options are disabled. All other Workspace tabs remain available. Movements initiated by the remote user are displayed in the desktop viewing session. However, the Technician cannot take over the control of the mouse and keyboard in desktop viewing session.

  4. To end desktop viewing, click the red X on the Remote Control toolbar.

    Result: Desktop viewing ends, but the session remains active.

Article last updated: 18 July, 2023