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How to Deploy a Script

This article gives guidance to Rescue technicians.

Follow this procedure to deploy a script during an active session.

Before you begin:

Script deployment must be enabled at the Technician Group level in the Administration Center.

  1. Click the Scripts tab.

    Result: A list of available scripts is displayed.

  2. Select the script you want to deploy.
    Note: When a script runs successfully on a local device it does not necessarily have to run through the Rescue script deployment as well, because the end-user permissions might call for customizing the script.
  3. Click Deploy.

    Result: The script is deployed.

What to do next:
Remember: Running an embedded script manually requires the Run embedded script permission to be set in the Administration Center.

Embedded scripts are configured by Administrators in the Administration Center.

Important: When executing a cmd file via a non-elevated Rescue session, the script will be run in the context of the logged in user. But when the session is elevated, the scripts are running in the local machine context. Due to this reason, some of the environment variables return a different value when the session is elevated vs when it is not elevated.
Article last updated: 1 March, 2023