How to Create an Administrator Group

    This article gives guidance to Rescue Administrators.

    An Administrator can belong to one Administrator Group at any time. You can include Administrator Groups within Administrator Groups.

    This option is only available to Master Administrators.

    1. Right-click the location in the organization where you want to add the new Administrator Group and click Create group.
      • To add the new Administrator Group at the Administrators root-level, right-click Administrators on the Organization Tree
      • To add the new Administrator Group as a sub-group of an existing Administrator Group, right-click the chosen group on the Organization Tree

      Result: A new Administrator Group is added to the Organization Tree at the chosen location.

    2. Enter a Group name and Description.
    3. Under Status, select Enabled to activate the group.
    4. Set group permissions.
      Option Description
      Standard administrator rights When Standard administrator rights is selected, group members can administer technicians and access both the Administration Center and the Command Center.
      Restricted administrator rights When Restricted administrator rights is selected, at least one sub-option must be selected:
      • Select Grant access to Command Center to allow group members to access the Command Center.
      • Select Grant access to Administration Center > Reports to allow group members to access only the Reports tab in the Administration Center. No other tabs are visible.
    5. Click Save changes.