How to Change the Color Quality of the Customer's Screen

This article gives guidance to Rescue technicians.

Select a lower setting to optimize the amount of information transferred during remote control, or select a higher setting to improve the quality of the image.

  1. On the Remote Control toolbar, click the View Settings button.

    The Color Quality options are displayed.

  2. Select the appropriate setting.

    Tip: Choose Automatically adjust color settings to allow LogMeIn to detect the optimal setting.

    • Very Low – (grayscale) This is best if you are using a slow connection, such as a dial-up modem
    • Low – This setting offers excellent performance with acceptable color quality
    • Medium – This setting offers a good balance between performance and color quality
    • High – This setting offers excellent color reproduction, but potentially slower performance
    • Auto – Choose Auto to allow LogMeIn Rescue to detect the optimal setting

    Your selection is applied immediately.