How to Assign or Delete Unattended Computers

This article gives guidance to Rescue Administrators.

Use the Computers tab to manage the unattended computers that are accessible to an organizational unit.

A computer is added to your Rescue organization each time a customer grants unattended access rights to a technician.

Each computer is named according to the value entered in the Name field for the session during which unattended access was enabled.

  1. Select the Technicians root or a Technician Group on the Organization Tree.
  2. Select the Computers tab.

    Result: A list of all unattended access computers assigned to the selected unit is displayed.

  3. Select computers and choose an action:
    • Use Copy... to assign the selected computers to an additional Technician Group or Computer Group while maintaining any current assignments.
    • Use Move... to assign the selected computers to a different Technician Group or Computer Group.
    • Click Delete to remove the selected assignment(s). Any other assignments remain valid.
    • To revoke unattended access for a given computer, select all assignments and click Delete.
  4. Confirm your action.

    Result: The new assignment is reflected on the Organization Tree and Computers tab.

Tip: To change the name of a computer, under Actions click the Rename Computer (pencil) icon, and submit the new name.

Right-click an item to delete an individual assignment.
To create a Computer Group, right-click on a Technician Group and select Create Computer Group.

Use drag-and-drop to assign individual computers to Technician Groups, Computer Groups, or technicians.