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How to Add Inline HTML to Language Nodes

    Articles related to customization are written for a technical audience who have experience in web development. Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are required.

    You can add HTML to any Instant Chat language node. For example, you can format text, insert an image, or insert a Flash object.

    Simply insert valid HTML to any node within the language code signifiers.

    oLangChatModeArray["ENDED_SESSION"] = "<en><img src=’https://...head.gif’ /><b>$1</b> has<br
    /> <span style=’color: red’>ended</span> the session.</en><fr>$1 a fermé la session.</fr>...
    Note: Keep in mind that the Instant Chat engine runs in HTTPS. If you reference HTTP content, your customers may be prompted to allow non-secure content during Instant Chat.
    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022