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How to Add an Individual Predefined Reply or URL

This article gives guidance to Rescue technicians.

You can learn from this article how to add an individual predefined reply or URL.

  1. From the Tools menu, select Manage Predefined Replies.

    Result: The Manage Predefined Replies tab is displayed in the Technician Console workspace.

  2. On the Predefined Replies or Predefined URLs tab, click Add New.

    Result: The Add New Predefined Reply form is displayed.

  3. Give the reply or URL a short Name.
  4. Type the text of the reply or the URL in the Content box.

    Result: All content is text only. Formatting is not available.

    Note: You can also enter an FTP address.

  5. Click Save.
Results: You can send the predefined replies and URLs via the Chat panel.
Article last updated: 10 July, 2023