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How do I revoke Unattended Access?

    As a Customer:

    You may revoke Unattended Access from your computer by using the Rescue system tray icon. The icon appears as a blue circle with a white cross in the center. Clicking this icon will give you the option to revoke access to your computer.

    As a Technician:

    Once connected to the computer assigned to you, choose the Unattended Access tab in your Technician Console. You will then be able to click the Revoke Unattended Access button.

    As a Rescue Admin:

    Once signed into your Admin Center, choose the Computers tab. Make sure you have selected the technician group you wish to modify from the left pane. Here you can place a check next to the computer you wish to remove and click the Delete button.

    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022