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How do I join a Collaboration session?

This procedure assumes you have been invited by a lead technician to join a Collaboration session.

  • Technicians can join Collaboration sessions by invitation only.
  • Administrators can invite themselves using the Technician Monitoring feature.
  1. You see a session on your session list with the status Invitation. Select the session.
  2. On the session toolbar, click Start to accept the invitation and join the session.
  3. You can now participate in the session:
    • You maintain all existing permissions that apply to your technician group unless otherwise limited by the lead technician.
    • You can chat privately with the lead technician (and any other technicians who may later join the session).
    • You can share your screen with the customer (if this feature is enabled for your technician group).
  4. To leave the session, click the red X in the collaboration panel (at the top of the chat panel). The session does not end; the lead technician remains active.
What to do next:
Note: A collaborating technician cannot receive files sent by a customer using the applet Send File feature.
Article last updated: 11 July, 2023