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How do I invite Technicians to Collaborate?

You can learn from this article how to invite technicians to collaborate.

Tech Collaboration requirements

  • The customer must be running a supported operating system.
  • The session must be Active.
  • "Send collaboration invitations" must be enabled at the Technician Group level in the Administration Center.

Initiating a Tech Collaboration session:

Note: All existing Technician Group permissions are applied unless otherwise specified by the Lead Technician, either at the time of invitation or during the session.
  1. On the Session List, select the Active session to which you want to invite another technician.
  2. On the Session toolbar, click the Invite Technician button. The Invite Technician dialog box is displayed.
  3. In the Invite Technician dialog box, select the technician you want to invite.
  4. In the Set Permissions section, select the permissions you want to grant to the collaborating technician.
  5. In the Comment box, type a message to the Collaborating Technician.
  6. Click OK. A Collaboration invitation is sent to the selected technician.
  7. The collaborating technician will see the invitation in their Session List.
Restriction: Technicians cannot be invited to collaborate on mobile sessions.
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022