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Failed Sessions Report (List All)

This article gives guidance to Rescue Administrators.

This report returns data for each individual session that fails during Connecting status for members of the selected unit during the selected period.

A Failed session is any session successfully submitted by the customer, but which never proceeds from Connecting to Waiting status.
Note: A session enters Connecting status when the customer begins downloading the Applet.
Start Time
The exact time when the session entered Connecting status. Data type: DateTime. Data length: unspecified.
Session ID
An automatically generated, unique identification number. Data type: Integer. Data length: unspecified.
Session Type
The customer-side technology applied. Data type: String.Data length: 100 characters.
The final status at the time of session end. Data type: String. Data length: 64 characters.
The name of this column is derived from the following setting: Global Settings > Custom Fields > Name for name field. The actual reported value is entered by a customer or technician during session generation. By default this is the name of the customer. Data type: String.Data length: 128 characters.
[Custom Fields]
The names of these columns are derived from the following settings: Global Settings > Custom Fields > Name for custom field. Data type: String.Data length: 64 characters.
Customer IP
The customer's IP address. Data type: String.Data length: 15 characters.
Private Session
For Private Sessions, the name of the technician who initiated the failed session. Data type: String. Data length: 128 characters.
For Channel Sessions, the name of the incoming channel. Data type: String. Data length: 64 characters.
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022