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Creating a Policy to Install the Rescue Calling Card for Mac

You can learn from article how to create a policy to install the Rescue Calling Card for mac.

  1. On the JamfPro dashboard, navigate to Policies under Content Management in the computers tab and click New to start creating a new policy.
  2. Configure the required settings:
    1. Display Name: A name of your choosing. This guide uses Install Zoom.
    2. Enabled: Checkbox selected
    3. Category: optional field
    4. Trigger: Select the checkbox for the Custom option.
    5. Trigger: Custom Event: Enter a name of your choice.
    6. Execution Frequency: Choose a frequency, for example Once per computer.
  3. Under Packages find your calling card and click Add.
  4. Choose a Distribution point if needed.
  5. Click Scope.
  6. Set the Target Computers you wish to apply the policy to.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Open the Terminal on your Mac.
  9. Run the following command to run the policy that installs the Rescue Calling Card for Mac on your computer by using the customer event name you specified earlier:sudo jamf policy -event InstallRescue
  10. Enter your administrator credentials when prompted.
  11. The installation process will start.
  12. Confirm that the Rescue Calling Card for Mac was installed in the Applications folder. Do not open the application now.
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022