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Configuring a Privacy Preference Policy for Rescue

On an unattended Mac, the first time you open Rescue, you'll see a dialog asking to allow Rescue access to the Downloads folder.

However, for a Mac that you manage with Jamf Pro, you can use a configuration profile to allow apps to access certain files used for system administration, and to access application data. For example, if an app requests access to your Downloads folder, the configuration profile can allow or deny the request without user intervention. As an MDM administrator, you can apply a configuration profile with the Privacy Preferences Policy Control payload to stop these messages from being presented to the user. Not all messages can be managed using the Privacy Preferences Policy Control payload. For example, access to the camera, microphone, and screen recording must be approved by the user and cannot be managed by an MDM server.

  1. Download the PPPC Utility app to configure PPPC settings for Rescue.
  2. Open the Applications folder.
  3. Click the + sign and locate LogMeIn-Rescue.
  4. Add LogMeIn-Rescue to the Applications section in the PPPC Utility app.
  5. In the Applications column select LogMeIn-Rescue.
  6. In the Properties column, next to Accessibility, click the menu and select Allow.
  7. In the Properties column, next to the Downloads folder, click the menu and select Allow.
  8. Click Upload.
  9. Configure the following settings:
    1. Jamf Pro Server: Enter the URL of your Jamf Pro server.
      Note: If you use an Identity Provider (IdP) to log in to Jamf Pro, when you enter your Jamf Pro URL use the following pattern: where you replace “” with your organization's URL.
    2. Username: Enter a Jamf Pro administrative account name.
    3. Password: Enter a Jamf Pro administrative password.
    4. Click Check Connection. If the connection was successful, the PPPC Utility automatically enters the appropriate information in the Organization field. Otherwise, double-check the Jamf Pro Server, Username, and Password fields and click Check Connection again.
    5. Payload Name: Enter a name you find easy to remember.
    6. Payload Description: Enter a description if you wish (optional).
  10. Click Upload - This will create the PPPC configuration profile on your Jamf Pro server.
  11. Quit the PPPC Utility application and log in to Jamf Pro.
  12. Click Computers and select Configuration profiles.
  13. Confirm that the configuration profile you uploaded is displayed in the No category assigned section.
  14. Click your configuration profile.
  15. Click Edit in the lower right corner.
  16. Scroll down and select he Privacy Preferences Policy Control payload (optional).
  17. Confirm that the settings were automatically applied by the PPPC Utility app.
  18. Click Scope.
  19. Set the Target Computers you wish to apply the policy to.
  20. Click Save.
  21. Open System Preferences on your Mac.
  22. Click Profiles.
  23. Confirm that your profile is installed.
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022