CallingCard.exe Parameters

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    Developers can integrate these parameters into their main help desk tool to control Calling Card behavior.

    Parameter Description
    -pin_code <nnnnnn> A session automatically starts with a six-digit PIN code.
    -channel A channel session starts using the channel associated with the particular Calling Card as set during Calling Card generation in the Administration Center.
    -cf1, -cf2, -cf3, -cf4, -cf5, -cf6 Custom fields 1-6 are validated when a session is started.
    Important: You must include a parameter for any Custom Field that is set as Mandatory in the Administration Center on the Calling Card tab.
    -skip_update Starts the Calling Card without checking for software updates.
    Note: This parameter affects only the checking for Calling Card software updates. The Calling Card will always check the Administration Center settings at startup.
    -update_only Calling Card checks for updates, but does not take any action if there are updates available.
    -accept_eula The end user license agreement is automatically accepted when Calling Card is started.
    -silent The main Calling Card interface remains hidden until Calling Card connects to the Rescue gateway.

    Default value:

    -exit_on_error, -exit_on_session_end, -skip_update and -accept_eula parameters

    -exit_on_error The application closes in case there is an error, for example, when it cannot connect to a network or the PIN code has already been used.
    -exit_on_session_end Exits at the end of the session.

    Return Values

    CC_NO_ERROR = 0
    CallingCard was successfully started.
    Updates are available.
    No new update is available.
    Calling Card cannot download updates.
    Calling Card cannot verify updates.
    Access denied to Calling Card.
    Updating the Calling Card failed due to an unspecified error.

    CallingCard.exe Runtime Errors

    Certification error.
    Cannot connect to gateway. Internet connection does not work.
    CC_NO_PINCODE = -9
    Incorrect PIN code entered.
    PIN code has already been used.
    Session has been closed.
    Unknown error.

    CallingCard.exe parameter parse errors

    PIN code parameter length is not six digits.
    The -pin_code, and -channel parameters cannot be used simultaneously. One must be removed.
    Custom fields validation fails.
    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022