Calling Card Launch Flow

This flowchart illustrates implementation options for CallingCard.exe and Updater.exe.

  1. Do you want to check for Calling Card updates?
    Set your tool to run CallingCard.exe -update_only. This checks for a newer version of the Calling Card. If a newer version is available, then the application closes with a CC_UPDATE_AVAILABLE return code.
  2. Install updates.
    If a newer version was found, you can set your tool to install the update by running Update.exe /s /path [installation directory], where the installation directory is the existing Calling Card directory.
    Important: Installation must be executed with administrator rights.
  3. Do you want to start a session?
    You can set the session to start using CallingCard.exe with appropriate parameters. For example:
    • Start a PIN code session: CallingCard.exe -silent -pin_code [nnnnnn]
    • Start a channel session: CallingCard.exe -silent -channel

    In both cases the Calling Card is only displayed when session status changes to Waiting for Technician.