Calling Card Installer Parameters

Developers can integrate these parameters into their main help desk tool to change how Calling Card is installed to end users.

Default command: msiexec /i "LogMeIn Rescue Calling Card.msi".

Parameter Value

(only for silent install)

0 - Calling Card is not registered to launch upon user login to Windows(default)

1 - Register Calling Card to launch upon user login to Windows


(only for silent install)

0 - Do not launch Calling Card after installation

1 - Launch Calling Card at the end of the install process (default)

SHORTCUTS= 0 - Do not create shortcuts

1 - Create desktop and start menu shortcuts (default)

FEATUREUA= 0 - Disable Unattended Access feature

1 - Enable Unattended Access feature (default)

FEATURERARCC= 0 - Disable the Technician Screen Sharing feature

1 - Enable the Technician Screen Sharing feature (default)


Install LogMeIn Rescue Calling Card and prevent the installer from creating any shortcuts.

msiexec /i "LogMeIn Rescue Calling Card.msi" SHORTCUTS=0

Silent Install Example:

For silent install, add /qn to the command line.

msiexec /qn /i "LogMeIn Rescue Calling Card x86.msi" STARTUP=1