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About the Channel Form Connection Method

This article gives guidance to Rescue technicians.

Channel Form is useful if you offer web-based support to your customers.

This method allows you to host both a link on your website/Intranet as well as a questionnaire which your customers have to complete.

Process Overview: Channel Form

  • A Rescue Administrator assigns any of the ten available channels in the Administration Center to a Technician Group
  • A Rescue Administrator develops the custom web form and defines the custom fields
  • A Rescue Administrator makes the Channel Form available on an Internet or Intranet site
  • A customer opens the Channel Form, enters all required information, and submits the form
  • The support session is assigned to the Channel Queue of the Technician Group(s) associated with the channel
  • Any online technician in an assigned Technician Group can activate the support session

Benefits of the Channel Form Method

  • Pre-qualify your users with various customizable conditions: error codes, user ID, problem type
  • Collect contact information from your end users; such as phone numbers or email addresses
  • Integrates into online functions such as user authentication or automated qualification of the user’s request via a simple HTML code element
  • Allows the best tracking of the user and the problem in the Rescue database
Points to consider:
  • Customers may try to connect 24 hours a day, so Rescue Administrators must use 'No Technician Available' settings to deal with connections made outside of business hours
  • When customers are initiating session requests, Rescue Administrators must use dynamic channel and team re-routing to control traffic during peak hours
  • Web developer and/or graphic design resources may be required for customization and integration
Article last updated: 5 January, 2023