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What Can the Customer Do?

    During a Rescue Live Lens session, the customer can perform the following actions.

    The customer can end the session at any time during the session by tapping the Exit icon.
    Pause streaming
    The customer can pause streaming at any time during the session.
    Important: When the customer taps the Pause streaming icon, only the camera stream is stopped, the session stays active in the Agent Web Console.
    Mute/Unmute audio
    The customer can mute their microphone at any time during a session by tapping the Mute/Unmute audio icon.
    Important: The audio connection is automatically muted in case of an incoming call to the customer's device.
    Flashlight On/Off
    When working in a dark environment, the customer can tap this button to turn their device's flashlight on/off.
    Restriction: This feature is only available on Android devices equipped with a flashlight.

    Currently, control of the flashlight may not be available on a limited number of Android devices having multiple cameras.

    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022