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Customizing the Live Lens Experience

Customization allows Administrators to set custom values for customer-facing texts.

Log in to the Rescue Live Admin Center, and click the Live Lens tab in the upper menu bar to apply custom values for the below settings.

SMS Customization

Customize the content of the session invitation SMS message.

Restriction: This setting only applies to English SMS messages; for other languages, the default text cannot be modified.

Landing Page Customization

Customize the text displayed to the customer on the Landing page for the selected language. The Landing page is the website shown to the customer when they join the session. This page serves as an introduction to the camera share session and contains a URL to the terms of service.

Remember: First, you need to use the dropdown list to select the language of the Landing page for which you want to customize texts.
The Landing page consists of three elements, which you can customize separately.
  • Title/Headline text
  • Landing page body
  • Terms of Service URL
    Note: You can only customize the URL, not the sentence in which the Terms of Service URL is displayed.
The maximum length of the title and body combined is 4,000 characters.
Tip: To check what the custom texts will look like on the Landing page, click Show preview, then click Refresh.

When you are finished customizing the Landing page texts, click Save Changes.

The next time an agent belonging to your Live Lens organization starts a new session, the Landing page will display the customized texts to the customer.

Article last updated: 21 November, 2022