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How to Import Agents from a File

    Rescue Live Administrators can import agents "in bulk" by uploading an .xlsx spreadsheet file.

    1. Log in to the Rescue Live Admin Center.
    2. Click the Properties tab.
    3. Select the Group to which you want to import agents.
      Note: You can import users to a single selected group in one instance of upload.
    4. Click Import Users at the bottom of the page.

      Result: The Import users to [your selected group] page is displayed offering a template file for download.

    5. Download the template file, and fill in the following mandatory fields.
      The agent's name to be displayed in the Admin Center.
      The agent's email address they will use to sign in.
      The agent's initial password they will use to sign in.
      Note: Do NOT change the items in the header row of the template file.
    6. Save your spreadsheet file.
    7. On the Import users to [your selected group] page, click Upload, and select the file you just saved.

      Result: Import starts. The Bulk import in progress. Please wait. message is displayed.

    8. The result of the import is displayed in the notification bar, at the top of the Properties panel.
      Tip: You can also check the results of the import at the level of individual agents by clicking the Download Result in Spreadsheet icon. The xlsx file you can download is the same as the uploaded file with an additional cell at the end of each row indicating the result of user creation (success or detailed error message).
    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022