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Working with Reporting (Admin)

Rescue Live Administrators can use session reports to view detailed descriptions about past stream sessions conducted by any agent of their organization, as well as export these reports to CSV files.

Important: Beginning on September 13, 2023 the Reporting tab will offer an improved visual experience through updated graphs. Stay tuned for the new, fresh look.

On the Reporting tab of the Rescue Live Lens agent console, session reports list various details about the selected sessions, including the following:

PIN code
The unique PIN code that was created for the session, and that the agent used to start the session.
Session Start time
The time when the customer initiated the stream session on their mobile device.
Session End time
The time when either the customer or the agent terminated the session.
The length of the session from Session Start time to Session End time.
Technician name
The name of the agent who conducted the session.
Technician email
The email address of the agent who conducted the session.
Technician IP
The IP address of the agent who conducted the session.
Customer name
The name of the customer, if it was added before the start of the session.
Customer IP
The IP address of the customer.
When an agent belonging to an account for which session recording is enabled starts a Rescue Live Lens stream session, a session recording is automatically created. To download the session recording, hover over the session from which you want to download the recording, and click the Download icon.
Tip: To export the session reports to a CSV file, click Export.CSV in the upper left corner on the Reporting tab of the agent console.
Tip: Use the search bar to look for specific attributes in an extensive list.
Article last updated: 16 August, 2023