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What is Instant Chat?

Instant Chat allows a support technician to engage in a two-way chat session with a customer without forcing the customer to download any software. In a standard LogMeIn Rescue session, the customer must download the LogMeIn Rescue Customer Applet before two-way communication can begin.

When Instant Chat is activated, two-way communication is opened immediately as the session is picked up - without the added step of Applet download. If the technician wants to open a remote session or troubleshoot the customer's device, the customer can be prompted to download the Applet. With Instant Chat you lose no functionality, but rather gain the flexibility whether to use the LogMeIn Rescue Applet.

Why Should I Use Instant Chat?

  • Instant Chat is a natural extension of remote support; use it to further reduce inbound calls to support centers
  • Instant Chat provides a much easier and seamless connection between your customers and technicians.
  • Instant Chat prevents unnecessary downloads if the support case can be solved in chat-only mode.
  • Instant Chat allows technicians to resolve cases before a full LogMeIn Rescue session is launched and before any software is installed on the customer's computer.
  • Instant Chat helps technicians increase their productivity by making it easier to handle more sessions in less time.
  • Instant Chat can also be a valuable tool outside the Technical Helpdesk scenario (for example, for sales or eCommerce customer support).
  • Instant Chat can be customized and integrated into your website.

Sample Instant Chat session

This sample session uses an integrated channel form and the standard Instant Chat user interface:

  1. The customer visits your website or support page and initiates a session using a channel form.
  2. The technician picks up the session from the Channel Queue.
  3. The customer sees the Instant Chat user interface. The customer and technician chat.
  4. The technician decides he should control the customer's computer, so he prompts the customer to download the Applet.
  5. The session continues using the Instant Chat user interface, but with full LogMeIn Rescue functionality.

See also "Customizing Instant Chat" in the LogMeIn Rescue Customization and Integration Guide.

Article last updated: 11 July, 2023