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What can I do in the Intel EMA tab?

The Intel EMA tab embeds the Intel EMA web application to Rescue TC, providing access to all Intel vPro features of Intel EMA that are not yet integrated seamlessly within Rescue (like hardware-based KVM).

You need to login to the Intel EMA web application using valid Intel EMA user credentials and have the required role and permissions to access the device.
Important: Rescue cannot monitor, log, or restrict technician actions performed within the Intel EMA web app.
  1. Select the Intel vPro device you want to access, and click Connect. For more information how you can select a Intel vPro device, see: How can I browse Intel EMA servers for available devices?

    Result: A new Intel vPro session is launched.

  2. Select the Intel EMA tab.
  3. Log in with your Intel EMA Credentials.

    Result: You can start supporting the device.

What to do next: You can configure Intel EMA servers to re-use authentication, so that you have to authenticate only once per Intel EMA server configuration. Learn more about staying logged in to Intel EMA with in Rescue TC.
Article last updated: 24 October, 2023