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Try Rescue Lens

Try out Rescue’s live video-enabled support solution.

What's the task?
You’ll initiate a Lens session and a live camera feed from a mobile device.
What do I need?
You need an Android 5.0 (or above) or an iOS 11 (or above) device.
Note: The technician’s Technician Group must have Lens permission in the Administration Center.
How long will it take?
Less than five minutes.

Try it yourself...

Start a Lens Session
Click New Session.
For session type, select Rescue Lens.
Click the SMS tab.
Send the SMS to the customer.
Open the SMS and run the app
On the mobile device, open the SMS and install/launch the Lens app.
In the app, enter the PIN code from the SMS.
Activate the session in the Technician Console
Once the applet is running, go back to the Technician Console and activate the session.
Mess around!
Use Smart Whiteboarding (annotations that stay attached to the object that appeared behind the drawing), freeze the camera screen, chat, or try screen recording.
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Article last updated: 27 September, 2022