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LogMeIn Rescue Named vs Concurrent Licensing

LogMeIn Rescue allows for two distinct licensing models, each designed with specific use cases in mind. By default, a LogMeIn Rescue account uses a named license convention, but it is also possible to set up concurrent licensing.

Named License:

Each technician is assigned their own license, meaning the number of purchased licenses corresponds to the total number of technicians that can exist in an enabled status within the LogMeIn Rescue Admin Center for the given account.

  • A customer purchases 10 seats of LogMeIn Rescue.
  • This means a total of 10 technicians can be created within the account.

Concurrent License:

This license type enables a pool of licenses to be shared across a group of potential users. This means the total number of technicians that exist in an enabled status in the Admin Center can exceed the total number of licenses. GoTo typically employs a 3:1 ratio, which means that, for each license, a total of 3 technicians can be created.


  • A customer has a total of 90 employees on their remote support team.
  • At any one time there are 30 employees that need to log in and support customers.
  • Although only 30 are signed in at one time, all 90 users can exist in an enabled status within the Admin Center.

By using a concurrent licensing model, any 30 of the 90 users would be able to sign in and access the Technician Console. If any additional users attempted to login, they would not be able to do so.

Administration Center Differences With a Concurrent Model:

Once a LogMeIn Rescue account has been set to concurrent licensing, several UI changes will take place. These are to facilitate license management, reporting, and alerting as described below:

Technician Group License Management

On the Organization tab below Technician Group Permissions, Admins will see a new option to designate a set number of licenses to the group. This is to prevent a single Technician Group from taking all available licenses.

New Reporting Type

Admins will now be able to run the Concurrent Usage Report from the Reports tab (Technician Group level only). This report displays the maximum number of users logged in for each hourly increment throughout the day, and is useful for viewing peak busy times and adjusting staffing or license distribution accordingly.

New Notification Type

The Master Account Holder (MAH) will see two new notification types available from the My Account Notification settings page

  • No concurrent seats are available
  • Concurrent seats are running out (This notification allows the MAH to specify the threshold at which to send the notification)
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022